Harmon hosts meeting at Linden Hospital Complex

  • Published on: Apr 22, 2021 - 5:14 PM
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Harmon hosts meeting at Linden Hospital Complex Opposition leader Mr Joseph Harmon and Apnu reps held a meeting at the Linden Hospital Complex Tarmac.Persons present included Vice Chairman Douglas Gittens ,Chairman Adams, MP’s Jermin FigueraDevin Sears, Dr. Natasha Cummings, Beetle Harry, Natasha Singh and others. Main Speaker was:Joseph Harmon (APNU) Opposition leaderHe discussed: Getting rid of the CEO(Rudolph Small) ,2.Nurses unable to provided medical health care. Talk about nurses been penalize. Nurses salary being cut for one month. 5.Sigmatization of the nurses. APNU are in the making of setting up of funds to the nurses b …
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