Fisherman found lying motionless in drain

  • Published on: May 04, 2021 - 7:14 AM
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Fisherman found lying motionless in drain 26-y-o Kishan Bayo aka “Penton” a fisherman of No. 76 Village Corentyne Berbice, has died allegedly by drowning sometime between 12:30 hours and 16:45 hours yesterday at No. 76 Village Corentyne Berbice. Daily News was made to understand that the deceased was a heavy drinker of alcohol. He was last seen alive at around 12:30hrs yesterday at #76 Village by his father Vejai Ramnarine. According to Ramnarine, at about 16:45hrs, he received a telephone call from someone who informed him that his stepson was seen in a drain at No. 76 Village. Family members rushed to the scene where Bayo was f …
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