Man gets 10 months jail for robbery charge

  • Published on: Jun 10, 2021 - 1:34 AM
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Man gets 10 months jail for robbery charge Dwayne Bestford of 625 Grove East Bank Demerara was sentenced to ten-month imprisonment the charge against him, which states that on June 3rd, 2021, at Water street Agricola while in the company of another while armed with a gun he robbed Ryan calendar of iPhone 5S $150k, Samsung A20S $145k, 48k cash. According to the Prosecutor, between 19:15hrs and 19:30hrs Calendar was walking in the vicinity of water street Agricola when he was approached by Bestford and another person, one of whom held a metal object to Calendars back and relieved him of the items before making good their escape The defen …
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