$18M worth of ganja, boat found in ECD raid

  • Published on: Jun 10, 2021 - 8:24 AM
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$18M worth of ganja, boat found in ECD raid Full press release from CANU CANU Officers commenced a counter narcotics operation along Unity foreshore area, ECD, between June 8 & 9th. During this operation the officers found a 17 ft wooden boat with a large fertilizer bag inside, upon closer examination of the bag it was found to contain marijuana. A further search of a coconut grove nearby led to the discovery of an additional 17 bags of marijuana. The 18 bags in total were weighed and this amounted to 300 lbs, valued eighteen ($18,000,000 GYD) Million dollars. The boat along with engine was also seized.  One person is in custody as …
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