Woman, 89, dies in Linden fire

  • Published on: Jul 26, 2021 - 12:14 PM
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Woman, 89, dies in Linden fire Norma Semple, an 83-year-old pensioner of Block 22 Wismar, Linden perished in a fire that occurred between 02:15hrs and 02:50hrs this morning. Police said that Semple lived alone, and was by herself at the time of the fire. Her neighbour, Alita Prowell states that she was inside her home when she heard a loud and continuous cracking sound which caused her to look through her window. She saw Semple’s house completely engulfed in flames. As a result, an alarm was raised and neighbours sought to rescue the octogenarian but were pushed back by the flames. The fire station was summoned and the f …
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